What happens to my feedback/comments?

All comments, ideas and suggestions are collated and used by the project team to inform the development of strategies, programs and activities, or to gain an insight into community views and opinions.

Often, feedback provided online is used in conjunction with other face-to-face consultation activities such as meetings, open houses or surveys.

When each consultation closes, all contributions are compiled into a report, which will be presented to the Planning Commission and Town Council.

All feedback provided will be considered; however, this does not mean that every suggestion will affect the project or be adopted as proposed.

Comments received from the public and other stakeholders will be incorporated into a matrix, which will be presented to the Planning Commission and Town Council. However, a majority of the Town Council have to agree with proposed changes for them to be included within the matrix that is then sent to the consultant team drafting the code.

If your comment is not included with the Planning Commission recommendation, there will be another opportunity to comment when the draft Zoning Code is reviewed by the Town Council during public hearings.

Note: All comments you make through this website will become public records for anyone to read.

Who can I contact about CODE CREATE VIENNA?

Code Create Vienna is coordinated by the Town of Vienna’s Planning and Zoning Department. If you have any questions about the code update project or the engagement process, please email codecreate@viennava.gov.

How long will the code update project take?

Staff anticipates the project will take approximately 18 months, however, the process will not be rushed to fit a set timeline.

Why do we need to rewrite the Town's current Zoning and Subdivision Codes?

The Town’s last significant zoning code changes occurred fifty years ago in 1969; a significant portion includes regulations that date back to the 1956 zoning ordinance. The zoning code is outdated and cumbersome. This results in uncertainty for citizens, elected officials, and the development community.

How will changes to the Zoning Code affect me?

If you do not intend to significantly improve your property, the Zoning Code update will have limited impact on your property. The updated Zoning regulations come into effect when you want to make an improvement that would require a zoning permit, building permit or development application.