Lot Coverage & Porch Projections

Meeting Materials

On Monday, October 18, 2021 starting at 8:00 PM, Town Council held a regular meeting which included an opportunity for public comment on the proposed lot coverage options and porch projections into the front yard.

Planning and Zoning staff presented the feedback received thus far through the various engagement efforts.

After the regular meeting, Mayor and Council held a conference session to discuss the feedback presented by staff and received during the meeting.

The Mayor and Town Council directed Department of Planning and Zoning staff to engage the community this fall on potential updates to the zoning code for lot coverage and front porch projection provisions separate from the process to update the Town's zoning and subdivision ordinances (CODE CREATE Vienna).

Currently, Sec. 18-15.F. of the zoning code states that not more than 25% of a lot shall be covered by a house, accessory structure, driveway and parking areas, sport courts, patios, and terraces. Open decks without a roof are allowed for an additional 5% of the total area of a lot. Elements that are currently exempt from lot coverage include any walkway less than 5 feet wide, steps, chimneys, cantilevered features, areaways, window wells and pools.

Currently, porches are not permitted to encroach into the front yard per Sec. 18-168. of the zoning code.

The proposed options as they would be incorporated into the current zoning text are shared below. The staff presentation of results and comments received as of September 20, 2021 at noon are to the right. Click on the PDFs and images to view the documents.

All results and comments posted are as of 10.08.21 @ 12 pm. The opinion poll is still open and collecting responses.