Pre-Code Update Surveys

Outreach efforts prior to the start of the official code update process are also important to note when updating the Town's zoning and subdivision code. Links to the responses from those previous efforts are provided below. 

Outdoor Living Survey 

A survey on outdoor living space was created to collect input from the community as part of the Community Conversation event on March 2, 2020.

Attendees at the event were provided paper surveys to complete and an online survey was available for anyone unable to attend the event in person. 

Maple Avenue Commercial (MAC) Visual Preference Survey

A visual preference survey was administered to help shape a vision for Maple Avenue by having residents and business and property owners rate their favorability of each image on a scale of 1-5 on a collection of photos of up to four-story, mixed-use buildings from around the country. The images were selected to demonstrate a range of characteristics including placemaking and building and site design.

The images included in the survey are not representative of any specific architectural style nor are they an endorsement of support for what should be built on Maple Avenue. The results of the visual preference survey were used to inform development of design guidelines for the Maple Avenue Commercial (MAC) Zone and recommendations to code revisions to MAC design standards. 

The MAC Zone was later repealled on June 1, 2020.