Virtual Public Meetings

All comments received through the Question and Answer feature in Zoom during virtual public meetings are shared below. You may view a recording of each meeting by clicking on the meeting date which will open a link to the video. The comments for the meeting are viewed by clicking on the drop down arrow on the right. The comments were responded to during the meeting.

January 13, 2021  Comments received were responded to verbally during the meeting

can you introduce yourself? are you town employees?

How do I access this survey? i see a different " two cents"one at code creat website.

Would increase in lot coverage result in fewer trees?

how will this survey be used? Surveys are typically not representative of the larger target group. It only represents those who answer. How are you going to weigh the responses?

Is it legal to restrict cottage housing to certain age groups?

Would cottage housing have its own zone?

Is RM-2 multi family residential coverage limted to 2k sq ft as came out at a recent TC work session? Coverage for multifamily at 109 Center ST N for example is I think under 1k, for a 2br, 2ba condo.

The reason Falls Church has an age restriction is because they have their own school system and every additional student is $19K in taxes per year.

my question has not been answered

I joined late.  How will we answer the survey questions?  Is it on line?

Front porches. Instead of allowing them in the setback: Move the BRL toward the rear to keep porches from getting to closeto street/right of way?

Kelly - do you and Mike live in Whoville?

Were all of the topics in the survey recommendations made by the consultant? Did they make other recommendations not included, and where can the recommendations be found?

How long would it take, after you gather the information, to actually modify the code?

We appear to be worried about distances from the street to the front of a resident’s house, yet there is no mention in the survey about the appropriateness of having an industrial-scale leaf collection and mulching occurring in the middle od a residentail neighborhood at 440 Beulah.  Why isn’t there a full description of activities and pictures that are occuring there and a question put to Town resdients if they believe this is an appropriate use of residental parkland?

will covered front porch still be required to have the lot still under 25%?

is energy efficiency of buildings part of zoning requirements, or is it something different like building codes?

How long will the Walk & Bike pamphlets be available?

Builders are defeating the rear setback requirements by turning homes on corner lots and calling the actual side of the house  the legal front and the actual front and rear as the legal sides. In this way the the actual rear of the house only has to be 15 feet from the lot line. Will the new code prevent this legal fiction?

I can give you addresses

Residential done first, then Commercial. Is itall to bedoneby end of this year

So when does redidential wrap?

can we promote more tree coverage?

reduce density of buildings would save more trees

thank you for your presentation

Thanks. Good presentation!

What are you doing re fencing

Why is there such an inconsistency in sidewalks? Will this exercise do anything to add sidewalks?

Will you address contractors who severely change the landscape to provide walk-out basements in new residential construction.  This causes extreme problems with water run off.

Thanks for the presentation and Q&A.

February 24, 2021 Comments received were responded to verbally during the meeting

So it appears that this Avenue Center District envisions something similar to Falls Church along Washington Blvd with commercial on ground floor and multi level on additional floors.  Is that correct?

What is going into the Tequila Grande site?

Has there been any discussion about changing the zoning on the buildings along Old Dominion, west of Old Dominion and south of Ayr Hill into the Church St District?

Followup question:  the possibility of change in height is of concern.  We live behind the Giant complex.  We do not want buildings looming over us.


Neighborhood transitional is residential? Are you providing tonight as an eventual change to residential?

Is it possible to include language to encourage preservation of historic buildings such as Vienna Inn and Michele Rene?

Do any of your zoning consultants live in TOV?  It appears they have a vision that is NOT in line with the town's residents.

I believe there were some suggestions originally to create more small pockets of commercial embedded within residential zones; has that idea been abandoned?

What about traffic and accidents? I have been following police reports and these areas are all the hots spots for accidents.

At the Feb 4th meeting, it was requested that the consultant present other options (perhaps with more districts).  Are they moving forward with that ?

Maple and Nutley, Maple and Branch.

How much residential population is within .5 miles of the respective districts?

With the idea of major new building in the town, there will be less green space in town. Will the town decide to turn the 8 acres that now has the mulching be turned into a park?  It was listed in a Comprehensive Plan maybe in late 50 or 60 that this area was entitled as a park.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have more green space in town?

With mixed use proposals/zoning, more apartments mean more traffic, in an already traffic heavy area. Given the focus on pedestrian friendly improvements I think there will still be an large uptick in traffic. What are the thoughts here?

Has our lovely little TOV been high-jacked by high-priced consultants?  What is the vision of TOV in 2030?  Mine and many others is that TOV remains the same--NOT becoming the next Ballston, Clarendon, etc.  What is the vision of the TOwn Council and the staff planners?  Be honest!  It seems there is a vast divide between what the TOV residents want and what the Council, staff and consultants want--witness the MAC!

With these proposed changes for the Giant area, what is to prevent Maple Avenue turning into the main drag in Falls Church?  Why do we want to have increased density and traffic in the Vienna?

Do Kelly, Cindy and Michael live in TOV?

The WOD brings lots of folks to Town.  Is there a vision for helping those people go east and west safely on bike to reach the business like restaurants?

We love the hodge-podge.  That's Vienna.  STOP trying to make us into something we aren't and don't want to be?

S0, the answer is NO--none of you do!

No question ....I'm impressed with how much the town is asking for residential input.

I have seen developers have more upper hand in commercial and residential areas. We, as residents have to fight developers for things the developers get “away with.” I know, The building of 3 new houses has made mine and 2 neighbors mud yards. I begged that the developers not replace one house with 3, but the Town said the developers “followed code/state code.” There has to be a stronger hand on the Town’s side to consider the residents.

HOw many people are attending tonight?

Posters asking about residency should be aware that most young families can't afford to live here.  That's exactly what we want to avoid.

It also had to do with change of developers in midstream.

Each of you are dedicated professionals who are taking the time tonight to give us an opportunity to give our views and to help direct how the project proceeds.  Please don't take any of these comments personally.

Vienna Foodies with 10,000 people on it asked for people to do the survey and was encouraged to answer some questions with a special answer.  Wouldn’t this encourage the survey to sway the wrong way.

Thank you for taking the time to do this. I know it’s not easy and you can’t make everyone happy so it’s greatly appreciated.