Front Porch Encroachment

Currently only open steps and decks can encroach 4 feet into the front yard setback. Many homes in Town were built to the front setback and are unable to add covered front porches or covered stoops.

The draft code proposes allowing single-story unenclosed porches to encroach 8-feet into the front yard setback area.

The porch may not exceed 14-feet in height as measured from the average front grade. Uncovered steps may encroach the minimum distance required by Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code (USBC).

Question for the community...

Do you feel the proposed 8-foot encroachment allowance for unenclosed front porches is a good distance?

Is it not enough? Too much? Please explain why.

Existing house in RS-10 zone with house built at the 25' front setback line.

Photo simulation of same house with 8' porch added showing distance from porch to front property line in relation to sidewalk and street.

New graphic added to the draft code to represent front porch encroachment proposed.

Graphic showing what is allowed to encroach in the front yard currently by code and what is proposed. Minimum distance between proposed porch encroachment and property shown for each zone.

RS-10: 17 feet RS-12.5: 22 feet RS-16: 27 feet