As part of the zoning and subdivision code update, Planning and Zoning staff members are hosting a series of Lunch and Learn Zoom webinars on a variety of commercial and residential zoning topics. The webinars will be offered at noon on the first and third Friday of the month throughout the project.

Each webinar will provide an approximately 20-minute presentation followed by an opportunity to ask questions; the sessions won’t go longer than one hour. Click on a calendar icon below to register for an upcoming webinar or view a past webinar.

Why update the Zoning Code now?

The Town of Vienna's Zoning and Subdivision Code Update is just starting and Planning and Zoning Director Cindy Petkac will be kicking off our first lunch and learn with an overview of what zoning is, how it works with the comprehensive plan, and why the Town needs an update of the code.

What is lot coverage?

For the first residential focus webinar, Planning and Zoning staff will go over what is counted towards lot coverage, what is excluded, how to calculate it, and what to do if your property or a project you want to do puts you near or over that limit. We will also be discussing the ideas for potential changes and exceptions for outdoor living.

What's your sign?

Signs are everywhere and play an important role in how a business attracts customers. Planning and Zoning staff will go over what the current ordinance allows and prohibits and the process for applying for signs. As we update our code we want to hear from the business community about what is important to you when it comes to signs.

Working from home?

If you have ever considered starting a business out of your home then this is the webinar for you. Planning and Zoning staff will review what home occupancy uses are currently allowed and what the process is to be able to start your own business at home.

What are the steps for a restaurant to be approved to offer outdoor dining for their customers? How has that changed during the pandemic? What should the process be as we update the code?

What are the requirements to subdivide a property? How do we control the size and shape of lots? What's the process?

If you want to do something on your property, but it doesn’t meet the code, what options do you have?

The Zoning Administrator will step you through the options available including variances and conditional use permits. How might these change in the code update?

On February 3 and 4, the zoning consultant presented a proposed zoning map to the Planning Commission and Town Council. In addition to renaming some zones, new districts are also proposed. Staff will discuss the proposed changes and answer your questions about what it all means and what to expect next.

How many parking spaces is enough? Who decides and how? Learn about the history of parking standards in Vienna, the challenges, trends, and what will be looked at in the code update.

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